Dale Flanagan
        Dale Flanagan #0021853


There’s a saying about finding an incredible treasure in a field you do not own…I’m tired of fool’s gold.

Life should be more than an endless blur, day in and day out, nothing but the same old. Imagine, really what would it be like to finally have someone in life you feel a sense of connection with...I'd so like to find that.

I'm not seeking your favorite color. I want to get to know you, the genuine hair down without censor you. Are you brave enough? I seek a real friend, not an acquaintance. Is that you? A door stands open.

Warning! :) Not for the shy, but all in good fun. I'm passionate and serious about the right things in life. Hands on in work and play. I have a Master in Theology, love to ride motorcycles and horses, play with my dog and explore. I practice martial arts and teach yoga. I'm open, direct and warm. I enjoy British Premier League, Formula One, UFC and ice hockey. I do tell a rude joke or two, “How did Pinocchio discover he was made of wood”?

Write. Let's together discover what we have in common and perhaps more interesting, explore our differences.

I look forward to our first. Please, no one under 21. Always write your snail mail address on envelopes and Dale Flanagan #0021853 on back of all photos. Which is the fastest way to reach me barring CorrLinks.com or Jmail.cc





Age: 56

Incarcerated on Death Row since 1986

Languages: English (US), German

Earliest possible release: Feb 2022

Please note:

Only 5 (!) photos per letter. Each photo need my name and no. #0021853 on the back!

Your letter needs your address on the top righthand corner.

Your envelope needs your address on the left hand corner.

For your information:

If you don't like to hand out your home postal address, it is a good idea to use Jmail.cc for snail mail purpose.

For oversea contacts I prefer to write to Jmail, because it is a national stamp for me.